Positive Art Force | Visual Arts Project

L’blend Creative Space has hosted the visual arts program Positive Art Force from the 1st to the 11th of December, 2018. A program organized in partnership with Meteor International and supported by the Swedish Institute’s Creative Force Fund. This should be a report, but nothing like a traditional report. I will, instead, take the freedom […]

Paul Nash  -  Battle of Britain (1941)

Feeling is Beauty

Art has always been attached to beauty. Consequently, the element of beauty has become a criteria for any creation to be considered art in mass narrative. But, what is beauty? Is it aesthetics? Haven’t we ever come across shocking and even disgusting “works of art”? Aren’t museum filled with products that instantly make us look […]

How Art Helps Us Map Our Memories

How Art Helps Us Map Our Memories

Photo by delfi de la Rua on Unsplash Connection is not only established between intellectual brains. In other words, it is not only capable of being established between two human beings. Connection can be made between an intellectual brain (human being) and a heart (a thing, an animal, a place). The definition of heart in this […]



For the youngster or child who will be attending our creative space’s activities to reach the level we all agree we have to be on, we want them to be EXPOSED to new ideas, philosophies, and techniques, then give them the time to process all this new knowledge, analyze it, and REFLECT on it. Finally, […]