Our Mission and Values ?

We founded L’blend creative space to establish a culture of creation. We hope to give our local youth the mindset to look at problems from a perspective with which they can create solutions. We aim to counter the culture of inactivity that has struck our generation. We want to give them more than just a space on land. We want to give them an experience, through which, they can conciliate with who they truly are and impose their respect. All with the hope of seeing them create their own initiatives to create positive impact within their respectful communities.

We are creating a space we have had the chance to see elsewhere, and as we believe our youth deserves it, we took the initiative to create it. Our biggest strength, and at the same time responsibility, is the values this space endorses. The space is a place where the respect of universal values is a fundamental pillar for our inside relations, which will surely influence our apostates’ behavior outside.

What we do ?

L’blend Creative Space is a production unite. Our local youth is drowning in inactivity. Owning to that fact, we work on exposing them to the three fields of arts, technology, and entrepreneurship, which, we strongly believe are central pillars of social change. And so, as we educate them about these three fields, each depending on their primary interest, we emerge them in an environment that supports them, nurtures their skills, and unleashes their full potential. As a result, we move from education to production.

Who we are ?

“L’blend”, a Moroccanised version of “The Blend”.
We blend art, technology and entrepreneurship, to create a platform that drives social change.