Our story

In Morocco, the rate of unemployment among youth between 15 and 24 years old is 25.5% and for those between 25 and 34 the figure is 16.6%. It is a chronic issue in our country, as it is in most developing countries.

During our research to understand the reasons for youth unemployment in Tiznit, we observed that this category of youth is waiting for somebody to create jobs for them, often the government. They are always dependent on an external factor in their search for employment.

In L’Blend, our ultimate goal is to contribute in the creation of positive change in our area. In this context, we decided to include entrepreneurship as a method of inspiring youth to create opportunities for themselves and their peers. In turn, this will implement seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit in other children (siblings and friends).

Our Principles:

  • Promote Entrepreneurship as a solution to economic and social issues.
  • Encourage youth to create opportunities.
  • Sow the seeds of entrepreneurship in children.
  • Empowering young people to set goals and develop the discipline to work hard towards their own goals.


Stay Tuned, we are launching more details about our Entrepreneurship flagship event soon.