Tiznit has always been a quiet, Zen, and safe place. It is very peaceful. However, it doesn’t offer its youth enough choices to productively fill their time, which has started manifesting in crime, as it is the case with the whole country. Small cities have better chances eradicating criminality, which decides the city’s reputation, and plays an essential role in its economic situation and its people’s daily life wellbeing. Art as a cultural activity has often been the tool governments have used to attempt to change a place’s situation, and thereby its reputation. Medellin, Pablo Escobar’s home town, is a great example. For years, Medellin’s population was constantly under the threat of becoming trapped in the middle of gang wars. But Medellin has now become Colombia’s cultural capital thanks to the government’s efforts to link the city’s suburbs to the center, and make the living, public space beautiful with art, murals, museums, and architecture. The Government’s strategy changed the city’s reputation and opened doors for a new kind of tourism. Our case in Tiznit isn’t as bad as Medellin’s was. So we believe our chances are strong: we can protect the city’s safety and calm, by offering youth creative co-working space, and construct a reputation that promotes our city as one of history, patrimony, and art.

Our Principles:

  • Complete the circle of existence through sharing artistic expressions
  • Promote art’s ability to change individuals
  • Stand for diversity and openness
  • Expand our understanding of the world


Salon Apollo of Arts